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To be a Christ-centered community that LOVES courageously, SERVES radically, and GIVES sacrificially, to everyone, everywhere, every day.

We believe that God has called us to a mission that seems impossible. That we would be a community, centered on Jesus, that devotes ourselves to love, service, and giving to anyone, no matter where they are from, what they’ve done or how we might disagree.  


Jesus didn’t call us to win arguments or to point fingers, He called us to be His followers and that is what we hope to do, even when it's hard.

Our philosophy of ministry is to be a "River Church" where resources flow into the church but aren't stored there, or pooled together for our own use.  We want to be a place where the Lord's blessings freely flow into the church and freely flow out to be used to love, serve and give to everyone, everywhere, every day.  That may be in the Riverbend or it may be in Rwanda.  We don't want to be spiritual hoarders, but to see that what God can do when we share what we have.  

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