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Emmanuel is a great church, with loving people who want to journey together as we learn how to live like Jesus.  

Much of our philosophy of ministry is intergenerational, which means that we grow best in an environment that reflects a Godly family dynamic.  In the Bible, families consisted of Grand-parents, parents and children.  Our ministries at Emmanuel reflect that, as we try to learn from each other, because each one is of tremendous importance and we can all learn from each other, at any age.

We consider ourselves to be a River Church where God's resources and blessings flow in, so we can send them back out to be used by those who seek to build the Kingdom of God.  That may be in our own church, our denomination or other ministries in the riverbed or around the world.

Emmanuel is blessed to be a member of the Free Methodist Church USA.  

Most of the times in which we gather together is focused on Sundays so families are free to disciple one another in their homes and in home groups that meet throughout the week.  Our Sunday service times are at 8:00am and 10:30am, with Sunday school at 9:15am.  We have classes for all ages.  We also have a special time for children 3yrs - 7yrs called "Godly Play".  Some churches may call it Children's church but to us it is very different.  This is a very "low tech" but very hands-on approach to teaching kids about God and Jesus' church.  They are called out of the service after the 2nd song so they get a chance to experience worship with the whole church. 


When you come to Emmanuel, you notice that the people are friendly, we are pretty laid back and everyone dresses casual.  You'll not see very many suits and ties unless it happens to be one of the staff or a special occasion.  Our services focus on the many ways that we can express adoration to God.  We sing, we pray, we hear God's word and we like to hear what God is doing all around us, especially from our friends.  

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